1. City's Calling Me
    Mick Thomas' Roving Commission

  2. I Heard Sally Singing (single)
    Mick Thomas' Roving Commission

  3. ***See You On the Other Side - A postcard from April 2020
    Mick Thomas' Roving Commission

  4. Mint Condition
    Mick Thomas' Roving Commission

  5. ***Bipolar Request
    Mick Thomas' Roving Commission

  6. The Horse's Prayer

  7. Casino Trousers

  8. Under Starter's Orders

  9. Oh I Do Like to See Beside the B-sides

  10. ***Coldwater DFU

  11. These are the Words (Talking Book)

  12. Boxing Day Drive EP
    Mick Thomas' Roving Commission

  13. Over in the West
    Mick Thomas and Original Cast

  14. These are the Songs

  15. South East Asia
    Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission

  16. Damo's Working in the Mines
    Mick Thomas and The Roving Commission

  17. Aqua Profonda (Single)
    Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission

  18. Welcome to Zimbabwe: Live in Southern Africa
    Mick Thomas with Squeezebox Wally

  19. ***Christmas Day At Spencer Street
    Mick Thomas and The Roving Commission

  20. Dead Set Certainty - Twelve Songs That Would'nt Go Away...
    Mick Thomas and The Sure Things

  21. Head Full Of Road-Kill - Live In Germany
    Mick Thomas and Michael Barclay

  22. Live Dust
    Mick Thomas and The Sure Thing

  23. Other Things, Sure Things, Extra Things - Live at The Famous Spiegeltent
    Mick Thomas with The Anythings, Other Things Tour Lineup

  24. Something To Fight For
    Mick Thomas and The Sure Thing

  25. The Tank
    Mick Thomas and Steve Thomas

  26. Paddock Buddy
    Mick Thomas and The Sure Thing

  27. Anythings, Sure Things, Other Things

  28. Spin!Spin!Spin!
    Mick Thomas and The Sure Thing

  29. Vandemonian Lags

  30. The Last of the Tourists

  31. Song Bingo! #2 Request Show (European Edition)
    Mick Thomas & Squeezebox Wally

  32. Just Turning Pages
    Shackleton 3 (Mick Thomas, Anna Burley & Liz Stringer)

  33. A DVD and a New Tattoo


Mick Thomas Melbourne, Australia

“Mick Thomas has some secret magic to his writing… he surely can write great songs that make you say “Why didn’t I think of that?” He writes about mates, ratbags, races, places, weddings, parties, funny stuff – anything – but they are really good stories and great songs.

Mick Thomas and his bands, notably ‘The Weddos’ or ‘The Sure Thing’ or MT himself are all something to behold
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